Our Short Stories Synopsis: Of A Demon In My View

For some the nightmare would never end, it still remains in the cemetery that overlooks the sober little town; where granite marks the grave of a young girl named Nina Gianetti, whose death remains shrouded in mystery and the horror of that time continues to hold her within it’s icy grasp. What seemed like the end of another innocent summer during 1952 was about to change, the busy citizens of Norwood were going but their affairs, unaware that their world was about to be ‘shattered.

For many years the tiny town of Norwood was considered the epitome of small town America. It was a faraway place, made of summer dreams and inner simplicity. The streets were safe due to a determined business community and the watchful eyes of the Police Chief. Who along with the rest of his department maintained a strict vigil to keep the town safe.

Back then the Giannetti family was a perfect example of how cultures were responsible for creating new and diversified neighborhoods. Their influence and beliefs would become the symbol of what this country is about-

lt was the ethnic values and proud cultures handed clown to another generation that helped to maintain a familial sense of community in the lower section of Norwood.. Because of it their children grew up together, attended the same schools, football games, church dances. Next door romances blossomed into marriages and then moving blocks away, allowing the next generation to continue the cycle.

But when a woman is murdered and mayhem begins to take over the streets, everyone is caught up in the anguish: including the Giannetti family_ They are just one of many Old World’ cultures that inhabit the blue-collar neighborhoods of Norwood. Through the eyes of the Giannetti youngest daughter, Millie, readers learn of the dark secrets the town harbors.

Without distinction the perverted stalker attacks his prey with a gruesome brutality that ever dually tears down the protective shield and well being of the tiny community_ By now it becomes evident to everyone that the quiet life that once existed in Norwood is gone. Their neighbors no longer friendly, Instead the affable and good natured society had become a town full of closed-mined people living behind locked doors.

As the murders continued so did the confusion and fear that had gripped the small town and its inhabitants. And when the offender and the victims are off springs from the town the savage deeds fester throughout the neighborhood infection every life. Changing was once familiar and non-threatening into a dark and frightening place.

The Lies By Jean M. Porro

It was a great idea that Amy had about opening a hair dressing shop on the day we graduated from Beautician School. We found a small beauty shop for rent in the next town over. And the two of us partnered up, We wrote up an agreement with her putting in 60% and me 40%.

In the meantime, I thought that Amy and I had become good friends with two new ctomers Paul and his companion Tom, who were both Hairstylist. The four of us spent a lot of time together, they would stay late, helping us, clean and close the shop and afterwards we would all go for drinks. After introducing them to our husbands, and within three months we had a busy and prosperous shop. We then decided to hire Paul and Tom, who came with their own following.

A few months later I found out that Amy’s best friend Barbara was dealing with Cancer. Then I got a phone call from Amy, one night telling me that Barbara was in a horrible car crash. And she was dead. On the day of the funeral, I found out that Amy had been having an affair with Barbara’s husband and Barbara was told that after the two of them had been having drinks together the same night Barbara was killed.

Two weeks later I walked into my shop to have been told that it was sold to Paul and Tom. With absolutely no knowledge of the sale. I was left completely out of it was given a small check. I felt devastated by both Barbara’s death and Amy’s callousness.

Years later I heard and read that Amy had died. That was a lie because my husband and I saw her walking with Barbara’s husband on Cape Cod.