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Deceived: Murdered Innocence

Retired chief of police Marty Sacco is now the head of the Dead Files Department. His first case involves the twenty year-old murder of Susan Hall. He is then approached by Frank Gibran, a notorious crime boss. There have been five murders at a private school, including Gibran’s grandson. Despite grave reservations, Marty takes on that case, too. His investigation into both complicated crimes uncovers old secrets and new revelations that are not what anyone expects.

Books Available on Amazon

Shadow of a Dream:A Love Lost in Time

Marti’s story takes place in a fictional town located in Mississippi where pretty houses are bordered by the murkiness of the Mississippi River. Beyond the prettiness and buried amongst the flowers is the terrible secret of an unjust murder and a long time, revenge working its way into madness that couldn’t be destroyed, even in death.

Meet Jean Porro

Jean M. Porro is retired and lives with her husband on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Jean has written four novels, and won awards for her outstanding poetry too.

My interest since a young girl has been reading. It was something that was passed on to me from my mother. I was a ferocious reader, even reading books two or three times each. One of my favorite books was Maggie Now, written by Betty Smith, the author of a Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It wasn’t just the narratives that drew me to reread her book, it was also the descriptions of the people and the places. I used to lay on my bed and dream about writing.



During the early seventies, I was introduced to the editor of the Women’s Yellow Pages, a feminist newspaper based in Boston. Its objective was to bring stories of abused women and children to the public. Lauren Carpenter was the editor and she was the main force behind the attempt to bring controversial subjects out in the open. One of these was child abuse known as the Battered Child Syndrome.

I had just started doing some serious writing and was flattered when Lauren approached me about writing for the magazine. She was curious to know my attitude and if I wanted to get involved

The Process of Age

Until now I haven’t given much thought to the process of aging. Perhaps it was my last birthday or the marriage of my youngest child. Or could it have been seeing the world through my grandson’s purity that forced me to view time moving so quickly? Seniority seems to have raced upon me in the same blustery manner as the howling wind rapping against my window.

The Streetlight

It was a warm summer night as Dorothy walked along Washington Street. Reaching the corner, she looked up and noticed the street lamp was still broken. “I’ve called them four times,” she reminded herself. 

Shaking her head, Dorothy opened the door of the little market that stood next to the flower shop which read “Closed”. Walking inside she saw Don, the owner, who was behind the counter reading the newspaper. “Hello,” Dorothy said while heading for the refrigerated unit to grab a quart of milk. She exchanged light conversation with Don, bought a pack of Winstons and left. 

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Jean M. Porro
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it is a mystery that is worth reading.
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“Marty also realized that his job was to solve gridlocked cases; he knew that he needed to strike a balance between his real job and his avocation. After all, if he got in too deep, there would be consequences.” – Chapter 4 Jean M. Porro wrote "Deceived: Murdered Innocence" to tell the story of a family’s twisted fate. Set in Rhode Island, Marty Sacco is a former detective who takes on a private matter. He soon learns that the death of a young boy leads to a world of corruption, lies, and a cold-hearted killer. At first, the author introduces the setting at a slower pace, but soon dives into the cases that Detective Sacco investigates. Somehow, there are underlying connections between each gridlocked case that leaves readers wanting more. I really enjoyed this book, and the author shows her passion for writing through her words. It was a pleasure to receive a copy to review.
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I was unaware that this story took place in the past (1960’s I believe), so that was a pleasant surprise. It is fairly short, but keeps you guessing about the killer. There were two different “cases” being looked at during the course of the book (recent murder and a cold case). I thought the recent murder case was wrapped up well, but I was left wondering if the cold case was actually solved and if the murderer was brought to justice. I received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts/opinions are my own.
Brenda Creech
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Someone has been killing children at Hannover Academy. Detective Martin (Marty) Saaco received a call from the grandfather of one victim, wanting Marty to investigate his grandson’s murder The MO (modus operandi) differed from the other children who were molested, tortured and left to die. Paul, the grandson, had not been molested of tortured and was sedated before he died, the grandfather. Frank Gibran, is also mobster. Marty is semi-retired and works cold cases on a part-time basis. He had lost his wife two years ago and was sad morning. Did Marty want to get involved in an open case connected to the mob and outside his jurisdiction? He was already working on a cold case of murder from twenty years ago. Marty called an old friend, Jim Taylor. Read More......
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Following the fourth killing by a serial killer at large in which Paul Gibran, the ten-year-old grandson of the Providence mafia boss, Frank Gibran, was the victim, Martin "Marty" Sacco, a retired police chief, would find himself in the thick of things, as Frank begged him to take up the case. As Marty proceeds with solving this mystery, there are key differences between Paul's murder and the other victims. Could this case be the handwork of the serial killer, or is one of Frank's numerous enemies taking advantage of the situation to come for his family? The plot thickens while leads continuously produce dead ends, but in the process, past family and international secrets are uncovered, placing everyone involved in great danger.